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Verona Walking Tour with Private Guide

Verona Walking Tour with Private Guide

Tour Verona with an expert guide! The guided tour of Verona covers all of the city's key sites and lets you appreciate it to its fullest! Visit the Arena and Romeo and Juliet's House!


Duration: 2 hours.

Availability: Every day
Price includes: Licensed guide service for 2 hours
Price DOES NOT include: The tour is only outside; if you want to visit a museum, the ticket price must be paid separately.
Maximum number of participants: 25
Tour of the Arena: You can tour inside the Verona Arena for an extra €10 per person / €7.50 per person for groups of at least 15.

Itinerary of guided tour of Verona's center
The guided tour of Verona's center follows a walking tour itinerary of the historic center, showing you all of Verona's emblematic sites.
You'll see the majestic Castelvecchio, which the Scaliger family built to defend themselves from the enraged populace. Castelvecchio is now home to a beautiful art gallery that attracts art lovers from all over the world.
You will stroll through Verona's main squares: Piazza Bra, where the Arena is located, Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori. You'll browse through the market stalls of Piazza delle Erbe, framed by historic
palazzi and be enchanted by the emblematic buildings of the Venetian Renaissance in Piazza dei Signori.
Do you want to learn more in-depth about specific aspects of Verona or modify the itinerary? The tour can be customized to your wishes.

History of Verona
Verona was established at the foot of a hill on the banks of the River Adige, in a strategic, much-coveted position, and, as such, over the centuries, the city passed into the hands of many different rulers. These rulers included, of course, the Romans, whose period of rule is on display in the grand Verona Arena.
The family that made the biggest mark on Verona's history was, without doubt, the Scaligers. Verona experienced years of wealth and power, thanks to this family, who extended its rule to almost all of Veneto.
Nonetheless, because the Scaliger family was consumed by their lust for power, they ended up being hated by the people of Verona. They were so reviled that they had to build a castle — which became Castelvecchio — to protect themselves from the fury of the people of Verona. But, in the end, it wasn't the Veronese people who chased away the Scaliger family but the Republic of Venice. This was the period of Verona's Renaissance when the city grew rich in many magnificent buildings.
In 1815, the city came under the control of Austria, where it stayed until the Unification of Italy. It was annexed to the newborn Kingdom of Italy only 5 years later, in 1866.

The Verona Arena
Today, the Verona Arena is a theater for spectacular shows and concerts. Almost every summer day, the Arena puts on a top-notch show that thousands attend!
But what is a now a stage was once a battlefield for gladiators.
The Verona Arena was built in the Roman era to stage the gruesome gladiator battles that the Romans loved so much. After these grizzly shows were forbidden, the Arena went unused for a long time.
The arena was struck by a major earthquake in the 12th century. Despite later rebuilding, today we can only imagine its full original appearance.
Just envision a four-story amphitheater that is 152 meters long and 113 meters wide! If it's spectacular today, it must have been even more so in the past!
The Verona Arena was reborn in 1913. For Giuseppe Verdi's birthday, the Opera Festival of Verona was launched and it has drawn visitors from all over the world ever since!


From reservation day up to 4 days before tour date, cancellation penalty is 30% of the total tour price.
For cancellations communicated to Italy Travels from 3 days prior to tour date, cancellation penalty is 100% of total price, therefore no reimbursement will be granted.
Cancellation policy will be applied proportionally to the number of cancelled tour participants.

Our guides

All Italy Travels guides are licensed by the Province of Verona, have extensive experience, and work at the highest levels of professionalism, skill, and excellence. Our staff is committed to always providing top-notch service to our clients. We offer our guests the best guides working in Verona. Most of our guides are art historians and teachers in the humanities. Private tours with admission to Florentine museums always include tickets with bookings that let you.

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