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Siena and its Cathedral — Private Tour

Siena and its Cathedral — Private Tour

Discover the medieval city of Siena, and its magnificent cathedral with an exclusive official guide, a tour of the historic center of Siena, of its monuments with a tour inside the cathedral!

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Cathedral of Siena Admissions

Duomo di Siena Ingressi Salta Coda

Book skip-the-line tickets online to visit Siena's Cathedral, the famous Cathedral of the Assumption, and the magnificent art treasures inside, including gorgeous polychrome marbles, Pisano's pulpit, and much more!

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Visiting Siena - What to see
The city of Siena, its Cathedral, its monuments, its squares, its traditions!

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Siena is a small Tuscan city, gracing visitors with a peerless landscape, breathtaking sunsets, and a medieval character, showing us its true nature.
Siena is one of Tuscany's most beautiful towns. Siena's
Cathedral and Piazza del Campo make its skyline one of the most dramatic in Italy. Siena's appearance has remained so unchanged it feels as if time stopped here in the 13th century. Siena is a village where traditions rule the day.
One of the most famous of these traditions, continuing to this day, is the Palio of Siena. This custom brings together the world, with thousands of visitors, both locals and tourists, watching. Visiting Siena during the Palio is an unforgettable experience. The feel in the air is a bit unreal, as an entire city comes together and then breaks into groups under the banners of the
contrada they are rooting for.
From the heart of the historic center, we go on to Piazza del Duomo with its masterpiece of Romanesque-Gothic architecture in the center of the square. The cathedral’s fine marble decorations and alternation of white and black material make breathtakingly beautiful. Priceless works are
inside the Cathedral. The pulpit, designed by Nicola Pisano, perfectly embodies the history of Siena at the time. Siena in Pisano's day was all about dynamism, communication between figures, and giving physicality to emotions. The city became a hotbed of ideas, a cultural center that drew in Donatello, Michelangelo, Duccio di Buoninsegna, Pinturicchio, and other great Italian artists. This was how their art became an extraordinary frame for this special city, just waiting to be discovered.



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