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Duomo di Siena Ingressi Salta Coda

Cathedral of Siena Admissions

Book skip-the-line tickets online to visit Siena's Cathedral, the famous Cathedral of the Assumption, and the magnificent art treasures inside, including gorgeous polychrome marbles, Pisano's pulpit, and much more!


Book skip-the-line to tour the gorgeous Cathedral of the Assumption and admire incredible architectural masterpieces by Donatello, Michelangelo, and Giovanni Pisano. The Cathedral's beautiful exterior is matched by the marvel of its Gothic interior. Don't miss going inside this breathtaking Cathedral. The ticket also includes admission to the Piccolomini Library and is valid for one day.

Useful Information – Cathedral of Santa Maria dell'Assunta – Siena

Address: Piazza del Duomo - Siena
Hours: From Monday to Saturday from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm. Sundays and holidays have shortened hours from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Times may vary due to liturgical activities.
Closed: December 25

Full adult ticket: €9.00 
Free ticket: €1.00 

Free ticket: Children up to 6, those born or resident in the municipality of Siena, parish groups of the Archdiocese of Siena with a letter from the pastor, accredited journalists, students of the University of Siena and the University for Foreigners, handicapped persons with caregiver, and clergy.
No other discounts are offered.
Note: Proof of identity will be required to prove age or membership in discounted group. If proof of identity is not provided, the visitor will not be entitled to the discount and must pay a full-ticket price.

Price includes: Rapid access with reservation to the Cathedral of Siena and the Piccolomini Library. In periods when the floor is scheduled to be uncovered (it cannot usually be seen as it is covered for conservation purposes), the ticket will be subject to a mandatory increase that the system calculates automatically. 

Siena's Cathedral: History and useful information

Experts consider the Cathedral an emblem of Romanesque-Gothic architecture. The exterior is immediately striking for its grandeur, marked by black and white marble, and a rose window reflecting the sky, suggesting a sense of spirituality made tangible in this evocative place. Inside are works by some of the greatest Italian artists, including Donatello, Michelangelo, and Giovanni Pisano.

Siena Cathedral: The tour
The Cathedral is a popular destination because of the wonderful artworks inside. Booking will save you valuable time and skip waiting needlessly in line. We suggest arriving 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

Siena Cathedral: Art and the artists
Siena's Cathedral is one of the most famous examples of Romanesque-Gothic architecture. It was built on the site of the first church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, built around the 9th century. This magnificent building holds a pulpit that is one of Nicola Pisano's finest works. Its structure returns to themes used in his earlier pulpit for the Baptistery of Pisa and heightens the beauty with completely innovative sculptural elements. The panels with figures are always crowded, with more realistic movements and showing humanized, more engaging poses for the surrounding figures. This work was a remarkable turning point for art history and is a definite must-see.

Siena's Cathedral holds other masterpieces within, of smaller size but inestimable value. We suggest you spend extra time looking at Gian Lorenzo Bernini's St. Jerome, Donatello's St. John the Baptist, and the Piccolomini Altar — the great Michelangelo had a hand in making some of its statues. 

Useful information
As this is a place of worship, you should wear appropriate, modest clothing to enter the cathedral. An audio guide can be rented on site, which provides helpful commentary on the artworks. You may take pictures without a flash and take non-professional videos inside the Cathedral.

Remember that the ticket also includes admission to the Piccolomini Library and is valid for one day.

For the cancellation policy for this tour, click here

Siena Piazza Del Campo
Duomo Di Siena
Soffitto Duomo Di Siena


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